Friends of WCEC#1

  • The Friends of Westbrook Chemical Engine Company #1

  • Westbrook Chemical Engine Company #1 would like to recognize and salute those who support us in our mission to protect the lives and property of the people of Westbrook by donating their time, money, services and supplies.
    We are truly fortunate to have such generous and devoted friends who have supported – and continue to support – the Westbrook Fire Department year after year. To the loyal friends of the WFD, we sincerely appreciate and thank you!

  • All Waste, Inc. Follow them on Facebook
    Since 2000 All Waste, Inc. has provided the daily waste deposal and dumpster for the annual carnival. The WFD would like to thank you for their continued support.

  • Aronson’s Auto Body
    Aronson’s Auto Body donates the use of their flatbed to the WFD. It’s always a big help setting up and cleaning up for the carnival and the annual picnic.

  • Bill’s Seafood Bill’s Seafood on Facebook
    Bill’s Seafood has been donating French fries to the WFD’s annual carnival for over 10 years. Cheese Fries and Chili Cheese Fries are food booth favorites.

  • Brewer Pilots Point Marina Follow them on Facebook
    Since 1993 Pilots Point Marina has been working with the Fire Department to help protect our shoreline’s marina’s and boaters. Since 2007 Pilots Point Marina has been donating the slip for our 35 foot fire boat.

  • Brushline Design Follow them on Facebook
    The WFD would like to express our appreciation of Burshline Design’s help in preserving the Model T in 2014.

  • Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale Follow them on Facebook
    Since 1985 Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale has been donating their delicious clam chowder and clam fritters for the carnival’s food booth as well as providing other food at their cost for the WFD’s summer picnic and annual banquet.

  • Lighthouse Signs Follow them on Facebook
    The WFD would like to thank Lighthouse Signs for providing sign materials at cost and free alterations.

  • Nautical Needles Follow them on Facebook
    Nautical Needles Re-upholstered the seat of our 1921 Model T Ford in 2014. The WFD appreciates Nautical Needles help preserving the Model T for future generations.

  • Quality Propane
    Since 2000 Quality Propane has donated the propane used at WFD’s annual summer.

  • Rayco Metal Finishing
    In 2014 Rayco Metal Finishing donated their services polishing all the brass on our Model T helping the WFD preserve our original engine for generations to come.

  • The Turtle Café Follow them on Facebook
    Thanks to The Turtle Café for donating the supplies for the 2014 Carnival’s Fried Oreos. They were a great addition to our menu.

  • Woody’s Auto Body
    Our thanks to Woody’s Auto Body for clear-coated the Model T’s brass with gloss urethane in 2014.

  • Westbrook Pizza
    Since 1987 Westbrook Pizza has donated all the dough for the “Fried Dough” sold at WFD’s annual carnival. Fried dough is one of the food booths best sellers year after year.

  • Westbrook Boy Scouts
    The WFD would like to recognize the support efforts of local Boy Scouts. Since 2007 Troop 38 has been donating the setup and use of their tent to the WFD carnival.

  • Westbrook Police Department Follow them on Facebook
    The WFD would like to thank the Westbrook Police Department for the many years that have provided security for our annual carnival. We appreciate your help making the carnival safe for everyone.